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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    We believe:

    • that learning is an individual process, that by developing self-regulation,  independence, and an excellent work ethic,  children are prepared to take responsibility for their own learning, thereby,  setting the foundation for individuals to be able to work together; (Working Together)
    • that  learning is a social process, that by engaging in collaborative and respectful interactions with others, children learn together to achieve their potential; (Learning Together)
    • that learning is best done within an environment that is rich in text, a reflection of the rich diversity of language and literacy;
    • that self-regulated independent learners, who are capable of interacting with others, are able to lead together. (Leading Together)


    Aldergrove School is a place to belong, contribute, and feel valued. Our school endeavours to nurture respectful relationships, as well as an excellent work ethic to prepare our students for a bright future in the 21st Century. (Working Together)

    Our school provides challenging individual and collaborative learning experiences that focus on maximizing student potential, within a caring and respectful environment. We promote a healthy, [active] lifestyle through a focus on “Making the Healthy Choice, the Easy Choice”. (Learning Together)

    Our school encourages the development of citizenship, leadership, and high standards for students, staff, and the community. (Leading Together)

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feature1Aldergrove School is a medium sized elementary school that serves a vibrant, west end community. Staff, students, parents and community work in partnership to provide challenging learning experiences in a safe and caring environment.

At Aldergrove School we provide comprehensive academic programming for all students including those with diverse learning needs, such as children who speak English as a Second Language and those children who need behaviour assistance.

The successful operation of a school requires the cooperation and understanding of everyone concerned. As a member of the Aldergrove School Family, students will face both the problems and benefits of life in a community of learners. Each member is responsible for doing the best they can to make our school community one in which we can live and work together in harmony. We must learn to respect the strengths and weaknesses of others; to communicate our wishes and intentions to each other; and to carry out our responsibilities as productive members of our school community.

We anticipate that this information will address general queries, specific questions or concerns that may arise during the year. Should your concerns not be answered, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at 780-487-5182. An answering machine operates during the out of school hours.

School Mission Statement

The mission of Aldergrove School is to provide students with an education that enables them to work independently and together with others, inspires them to learn and to see their potential, and that prepares them to be good citizens and leaders in the community.

Working , learning, leading together.


Principal's Message

 Official Leader in Me School

Thank you for visiting Aldergrove School’s home website. We are very proud of the accomplishments of the students, parents and staff at Aldergrove and welcome the opportunity to share our school with you. Aldergrove School has a reputation of being a warm and welcoming school. Our school continues to build and earn the trust of families and the community through a reputation of excellence and commitment to student learning and success. The school climate is a reflection of the focused teaching and learning that takes place resulting in engaged, respectful and responsible 21st century learners.

Along with a strong focus on academics, students learning is enriched through various clubs, special events (artists-in-residence, author visits, music and theatrical performances, field trips, etc.) and parent sponsored school-wide events.  Our school is also focused on “Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice” by promoting quality daily physical fitness activities and by supporting healthy eating.

Aldergrove School is also part of the growing worldwide community of leadership schools implementing The Leader in Me program, which is based on Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The Leader in Me program integrates Covey's habits into Aldergrove’s core curriculum and everyday language. This leadership model is grounded in the belief that building cooperative relationships and nurturing responsibility, kindness and good judgment is the basis for creating a successful community of learners.

At Aldergrove we believe that by having high academic and behavioral expectations and by making all children feel they are an important part of the school learning community, all children will experience success. Along with this, the active involvement of parents plays an important role in our students' confidence and willingness to take risks in their learning.  Aldergrove School is truly the heart of the community and together we are committed to providing a meaningful, challenging educational experience.

If you would like to consider becoming a part of the Aldergrove School community, please give us the opportunity to impress you. Contact the school to arrange a visit and a tour of what the school has to offer.

This website is intended to provide timely, easy-to-use information about Aldergrove School. Whether you are already a parent of a child(ren) in our care, or are interested in becoming a member of our school community, we hope you find the information you are looking for.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse this site.


Dr. David Kun