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Lunch & Nutrition

Aldergrove School offers a supervised lunch program to all attending students in grades 1-6. This service is intended for those parents who are unable to be home during the noon hour. Please refer to a special school handout regarding the fee schedule. At 12:05, students go outside to play until the afternoon bell. During inclement weather, students will participate in indoor activities. The lunch program is governed by the school conduct policy and participating students are expected to behave in a responsible manner. It is understood that the supervised eating area is not a part of the regular school program. Eating lunch at school is a privilege, which can and will be revoked should a child fail to behave in a manner appropriate to a school setting, as determined by the school administration. Cooperation, respect and consideration for others will be required at all times. Please note that students are not to leave the school property, such as going to another child's home for lunch, unless parents provide a note to the homeroom teacher prior to the student leaving the school. Students with a note from home must first present it to the school administrators to approve them leaving the building. An In School Suspension will be imposed on students who do not follow this safety procedure. Students who are attending the lunch program are not allowed to eat outside the school building, as there is no supervision provided, outside the school building, during the eating portion of the lunch hour.

Healthy food choices are encouraged: gum, candy, pop should be consumed at home.


Our school offers a milk program for our lunch students to encourage the drinking of milk. Students may have white or chocolate milk at lunch by purchasing a milk card for $15.00 (20 – 250 mL milk cartons). Cheques are payable to Aldergrove School.