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We believe:

  • that learning is an individual process, that by developing self-regulation,  independence, and an excellent work ethic,  children are prepared to take responsibility for their own learning, thereby,  setting the foundation for individuals to be able to work together; (Working Together)
  • that  learning is a social process, that by engaging in collaborative and respectful interactions with others, children learn together to achieve their potential; (Learning Together)
  • that learning is best done within an environment that is rich in text, a reflection of the rich diversity of language and literacy;
  • that self-regulated independent learners, who are capable of interacting with others, are able to lead together. (Leading Together)


Aldergrove School is a place to belong, contribute, and feel valued. Our school endeavours to nurture respectful relationships, as well as an excellent work ethic to prepare our students for a bright future in the 21st Century. (Working Together)

Our school provides challenging individual and collaborative learning experiences that focus on maximizing student potential, within a caring and respectful environment. We promote a healthy, [active] lifestyle through a focus on “Making the Healthy Choice, the Easy Choice”. (Learning Together)

Our school encourages the development of citizenship, leadership, and high standards for students, staff, and the community. (Leading Together)